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Second Paradigm

Author: Peter J. Wacks

Paperback $15.99
Kindle $5.99

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This unique novel implements an innovative plot structure invented by the author, which allows the reader to read the 13 chapters in any order and still get build-up, conflict, resolution. Stripped of his memories and trapped in the year 2044 Chris Nost must unravel the mystery surrounding his own murder. If he doesn’t, history is at risk of unravelling around him. Weaving through history, rogue time agents, history thieves, gods, and the Time Corps are all trying to alter the paradox Chris finds himself wrapped up in, and each of them is making it worse. Will history shatter? Will the human race be saved? Will Chris manage to save his own life 41 years after it was stolen from him?

Second Paradigm is like the amusement park ride that spins, pins you to the wall, and drops the floor out from under you--except it does that to your brain.

Sam Knight (Jim Sams)Author of Whiskey Jack and a Murder of Crows, and others