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Bloodletting Pt. 2

Author: Peter J. Wacks

Paperback $15.99
Kindle $5.99

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Finally healed enough from his shattered spine to venture into the giant Rocmire forest, Tetra prepares to try to save his friends. But the kingdom has other plans for him, and an emissary of the King, Tetra’s uncle, comes to take him to the capitol instead. Halli has managed to keep the other children of her village alive through the vicious winter of the Rocmire. Just as she is making headway befriending their captors, the survivors of the failed attack on castle Drayston return to the Oroc village and everything changes. Can she keep the kids alive long enough to escape? All the while the children are being hunted by a cabal trying to protect the world from a dark magic known as The Quantus. Bloodletting is the beginning of a breathtaking new fantasy epic, the Affinities Cycle.

Second Paradigm is like the amusement park ride that spins, pins you to the wall, and drops the floor out from under you--except it does that to your brain.

Sam Knight (Jim Sams)Author of Whiskey Jack and a Murder of Crows, and others