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Behind These Eyes

Author: Peter J. Wacks

Paperback $15.00

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Behind These Eyes is a story of a young man struggling against a fractured soul, forced to watch from behind his own eyes as his alter ego kills. It is the story of how he deals with the aftermath of these episodes and the story of his attempts to formulate a plan to escape from himself. Written by Peter J. Wacks and Guy Anthony De Marco. The contrasting art nouveau images by artist Chaz Kemp brings a unique perspective to the graphic novel published by Villainous Press, and J. Zoe Frasure provided the cover artwork.

Second Paradigm is like the amusement park ride that spins, pins you to the wall, and drops the floor out from under you--except it does that to your brain.

Sam Knight (Jim Sams)Author of Whiskey Jack and a Murder of Crows, and others